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If you are using either a salt based pool producing chlorine or a chlorine based tablet pool, then your pH needs to be correct. If pool water is not balanced correctly then the chlorine sanitiser won’t be working at full strength killing germs and bacteria.


Your water balance needs to be correct or it will affect your skin and eyes. The pH should be neither too acidic nor alkaline in order to feel comfortable to swim in.


An imbalanced pool can be corrosive to the liner, ladders and hand rail and other equipment such as the pump.

Check expiration dates on all pool chemical containers. Cleaning supplies that are past expiration should be properly disposed of and replaced with new chemicals. Also remember that if a chemical was not properly sealed before being stored in the off-season, you need to replace that as well.

Algae are the cause. These are single-celled organisms that grow quickly in the right conditions and can turn the water in a swimming pool green within a few hours.

A strong chlorine smell can affect the eyes, nose and skin. Contrary to popular belief, it’s too little chlorine that causes the smell, not too much. Too little chlorine permits chloramine compounds to form. It is these compounds that have the strong smell and that cause the irritation.

If you don’t maintain your pool properly, you could cut the its lifespan in half. Or, if you don’t maintain it at all you could cut it down to a quarter.

  • A very high proportion of pool operators in Cyprus have no qualifications in pool maintenance or water chemistry, nor have any insurance or are not even registered.
  • A high proportion of pool operators do not use digital test equipment leaving the majority of pools poorly balanced. It’s a guessing game when using dip-strips!
  • Insurance claims regarding pool issues are increasing.
  • Insurance companies will not pay a public liability claim if the pool operator is not registered or qualified.
  • Over 50% of all installations do not have the correct health and safety procedures in place.
  • Many pool operators do not keep pool records (always ask to see them on a regular basis).
  • Cyprus health and safety laws date back to 1996 at this time – but legislation is currently being revised.

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