Our qualifications

At Deep Blue Pools we are committed to the highest European standards for pool maintenance and cleanliness, our qualifications include:

National Pool Plant Operators Certificate

Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity – CIMSPA Register of Pool Plant Professionals – Roppp

The RoPPPs register recognises all those professionals who have qualified in pool plant operations and who have kept their knowledge up to date by attending a one day RoPPPs update seminar within 5 years of qualification (up to 31st July 2010) or 3 years of qualification (from 1st August 2010). It is of benefit to employers, who can access the register to ensure all their staff are qualified. Improving standards of professionalism is CIMSPA’s way of helping to ensure that pools become safer, more hygienic and healthier for people to use and to help promote swimming as a positive healthy exercise.

What is ROPPPs?

The RoPPPs encourages a properly qualified base of pool plant professionals who:

  • Have gained recognised and approved qualifications.
  • Can demonstrate the underpinning knowledge required for their working environment.
  • Are committed to Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The code of practice sets out basic principles to which all CIMSPA Pool Plant Professionals should comply.

*What is RoPPPs

*Code of Practice – Roppp (From CIMSPA Website)

The Register of Pool Plant Professionals promotes best practice for professionals working in a pool plant environment. This code of practice sets out basic principles to which all CIMSPA Pool Plant Professionals should comply. It applies to all those registered onto the RoPPPs from January 2008.

The term ‘professional’ is used in a qualitative context in this Code and does not necessarily imply a paid position or person. Pool plant professionals who agree to enter the register accept their responsibility to people who participate in activities within their pools, to other sports professionals and colleagues, to their respective associations, professional bodies and institutes, to their employer, and to society as a whole.

To this end it is expected that all CIMSPA Pool plant professionals on the Register abide by the four principles of the code which are:

  1. Health and Safety
    To comply with all reasonable requests by an employer with regard to health and safety, to comply with all relevant health and safety legislation and to ensure any concerns regarding health and safety issues are reported to the responsible person. To practice the principles outlined in the CIMSPA’s National Pool Plant Operators training and any CIMSPA CPD and update training undertaken.
  2. Plant Operation
    To comply with all current guidance issued by the CIMSPA, with regard to pool water testing and pool plant operation. This information is available through the regular email news and the website.
  3. Professional Standards
    To maintain a high level of competence through qualifications, practical experience and a commitment to ongoing training that ensures an up to date knowledge of safe and correct practice.
  4. Care of the Environment
    To make every reasonable effort to manage resources effectively and responsibly to reduce your pools negative impact on the environment.

What are the benefits of ROPPPs?

  • Opportunity to become an CIMSPA member at associate level, which includes:
    • Access to the CIMSPA’s technical support.
    • Email updates of CIMSPA swimming pool water technology related information.
  • Listing on RoPPPs, which can be accessed online by employers and demonstrates that members of the scheme have kept their training up to date.

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