How do I know if a Pool Cleaner is Qualified?

  • A high proportion of pool operators in Cyprus have no qualifications in pool maintenance or water chemistry, nor have any insurance or are not even registered.
  • Check that your Pool Cleaner has the correct Insurance and is qualified to maintain swimming pools. Ask to see their Certificate and Insurance.
  • A high proportion of pool operators do not use digital test equipment leaving the majority of pools poorly balanced. It’s a guessing game when using dip-strips!
  • Insurance claims regarding pool issues are increasing.
  • Insurance companies will not pay a public liability claim if the pool operator is not registered or qualified.
  • Over 50% of all installations do not have the correct health and safety procedures in place.
  • Many pool operators do not keep pool records (always ask to see them on a regular basis).
  • Cyprus health and safety laws date back to 1996 at this time – but legislation is currently being revised.